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Consider ‘BLT’ while chipping



Wehrman_headshotBy Mark Wehrman EBS Contributor

The goal of chipping a golf ball to the green is to get “up and down,” or hit one chip close enough to the hole that you’re left with an easy putt. When you’re chipping think “BLT” – not the sandwich, but an acronym for the important steps in your chip shot.

A chip shot is played when the golf ball is just off the putting green’s surface and you don’t have to carry the ball very far, which is why some refer to this shot as a “bump and run.”

The master demonstrates “BLT.” PHOTO BY TYLER ALLEN

The master demonstrates “BLT.” PHOTO BY TYLER ALLEN

Position the ball “Back” in your stance, “Lean” forward – or keep 70 percent of your weight on your lead leg – and “Tilt” the handle forward with the butt of the club pointing at your left pocket, for a right-hander.

Use this method with a slightly narrow and open stance, and utilize a putting motion with your club choice of a 7-, 8-, or 9-iron. You don’t need to hinge at the wrist, since the loft of the club will propel the ball into the air.

Your goal in executing this shot is to get the ball within a 3-foot radius of the hole. This gives you the best chance to make the next shot, and get up and down from off the green!

Mark Wehrman is the PGA Head Professional at the Big Sky Resort Golf Course.

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