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Dammit Lauren! releases second album

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Dammit Lauren! (L-R): Brian Stumpf, Lauren Jackson and Casey Folley. PHOTO BY JOHN TROY

Local band homes sound, growth with outside producers


BIG SKY – Dammit Lauren! has a unique sound with their original tunes finding intersections between 90s alternative rock and “post-grunge.” After two years of songwriting and production, the Big Sky-based band released their second album, “Electric Restlessness.”

The album is a true labor of love, explained the band’s lead singer and namesake, Lauren Jackson. The trio, consisting of Jackson, Brian Stumpf on guitar and Casey Folley on drums, began writing songs for the album in the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 and began recording in October 2021. Their anticipated winter release became early spring with extra production time, and eventually was pushed back until July.

There are two main differences between “Electric Restlessness” and the band’s 2019 debut album “Warning Signs.” The first album was released under the band’s original name, Dammit Lauren and the Well. After that release, they decided it was too much of a mouthful, so they shortened it to Dammit Lauren! explained Stumpf.

“Warning Signs” was also largely self-produced. For their most recent album, the band decided to bring in outside help for a higher-quality sound.

“We were very proud of the songs as they were written,” Stumpf said. “So we spent a little bit of extra time and money on [production] to make sure that the album sounded as good as we thought it could.”

With the album finally out, the band was able to have a home-town release party at Tips Up on July 16 to celebrate their hard work.

“I think we’ve grown as songwriters, and as collaborators,” Stumpf said.

The album has a classic feel to it, despite being brand new. The band channeled everyday frustrations such as driving behind someone who neglects to use their blinker in their lyrics, Stumpf said.

One of Jackson’s favorite tracks from the album, “Inevitable Letdown,” catalogs the euphoric feeling of a fresh new relationship and the subsequent letdown when reality hits. “Lose your faith, it’s not pre-designed,” Jackson sings on the track, a line surely relatable to anyone who has experienced such a relationship demise.

Based on the turnout to their release party at Tips Up, the band feels that Big Sky supports the direction of their growth as well.

“It was great,” Jackson said. “I think we had a really solid turnout and we got a lot of support. It means a lot. Big Sky has just been so incredibly supportive of us.”

One of the most difficult parts about being a full-time musician is finding ways to play in-front of people, Jackson explained, especially with original music. As such, the support of the Big Sky community is vitally important for the group. Through connecting with community members, Dammit Lauren! has been able to play various local shows over the years, including Music in the Mountains and the 2019 Peak to Sky Festival.

Dammit Lauren! has a busy schedule touring around the Mountain West this summer. Some highlights will include opening for Southern Avenue at Music in the Mountains on Aug. 4 in Big Sky and a performance at the Western Montana Fair in Missoula on Aug. 13.

“Electric Restlessness” is streaming on all platforms now, but the band encourages folks who want to support their music to purchase the album digitally.  

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