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Developmental screening day offered at Gallatin and Madison county schools

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Big Sky’s is Thursday, Sept. 27, 12:30 – 4 pm

Skills such as taking first steps, saying
those first words and learning early
concepts are referred to as milestones
of development. Doctors, nurses, early
interventionists and educators use
developmental screenings to determine
whether a child is reaching these developmental markers.
Every fall Gallatin and Madison county
schools offer a “Developmental Day,”
in which parents can bring children
under 5 years of age for a free screening.
Specialists will be present to discuss
typical child development and answer
parent questions, as well as provide resources on raising a healthy and happy
The following areas are included in the
• Gross motor: using large groups
of muscles to perform physical
activities, such as sitting, standing
and walking
• fine motor: using hands and fingers to perform physical activities
such as drawing, dressing, playing
and writing
• Language: communicating with
and understanding others
• Cognitive: Thinking skills such as
learning, problem solving, reasoning and memory
• Social: Interacting with others,
playing and cooperating; understanding and responding to the
feelings of others
• Hearing
The screenings are the result of a collaborative effort between the school
district, the Gallatin-Madison Special Education Cooperative, family
Outreach Services and the Region IV
Hearing Conservation Program. The
following 2012 Developmental Days
for the Gallatin-Madison Special Education Cooperative member schools are
scheduled as follows.
Sept. 27: Big Sky
Oct. 3: Ennis
Oct. 11: Monforton, Anderson,
Cottonwood, Gallatin Gateway and
Gallatin Gateway Head Start
Oct. 30: West Yellowstone
Nov. 1: Harrison
Nov. 1: Willow Creek
Nov. 29: Amsterdam, Pass Creek,
Springhill, Malmborg, Lamotte
Call Mrs. LaDawn at the Big Sky School
District for an appointment (406) 995-4281 x 20

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