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Dog Days of Summer



Camp Big Sky would like to thank the communities of Bozeman and Big Sky for all of their support regarding Dog Days of Summer. We had a wonderful time and could not have done it without all of the volunteers, donors, sponsors and registrants. We are already planning for the second annual Dog Days, so don’t miss it.

– Katie Coleman

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Dog Day Volunteers

Lindsay Schommer, Robbeye Samardich, Robin Hicks, Jeanne Johnson, Lindsey Kiland, Pete Owens, Jane Cannon, Krista Mach, Madeleine Feher, Will Feher, Tom Frownfelder, Anne Dingerson, Tyler Dingerson, Erin Chubb, Caroline Kalpinski, Veda Barner, Aaron Theabolt, Clare Nixon

Donors and Sponsors

West Paw Design, Yeti Dogs, Paws and People, Murdoch’s, Petsmart, Bark City, Bridger Feeds, Brewies Biscuits, Buzzy Vick, Horse of a Different Color, Kirkwood Marina, All West Vet Clinic, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Men at Work, Bozeman Dog Co., Barkenhowell’s, 360 Pet Med, Vet Clinic of Big Sky

Dog Days contest winners

Costume contest
1. Chica Stratford – Luke and Lucy
2. Oden Samardich – Robbeye
3. Ollie Middleton – Barb
4. Canyon Fehrer – Madeleine

Agility demonstration
1. River Hoover – Miles
2. Smoke Hammond – Chlo

Agility competition
1. Raleigh Thompson – Patty
2. Ollie Middleton – Barb
3. Spek Gustofson – Syd
4. Smokey Middleton – Barb

Trick competition
1. Nosset Fehrer – Madeleine
2. Chica Stratford – Luke and Lucy
3. Spek Gustofson – Syd
4. Smokey Middleton – Barb

Fun run
1. Oden Samardich – Robbeye
2. Ollie Middleton – Barb
3. Smokey Middleton – Barb
4. Urly Baer – Dave

Dock diving
Large dogs
1. Tipit Osborne – Josh
2. Sir Wilson Porter – Josh
3. Shadow Theard – LeeAnn

Small dogs
1. Willie DiTullio – Amy
2. Weenie Melville – Jennifer

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