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DOR updates Montana’s cannabis program, removal of CBD ban

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After industry stakeholders and lawmakers pushed back against the CBD ban, The Department of Revenue decided to remove the ban on CBD products from the state’s cannabis program rules. DOR also reversed a proposed rule that would have barred people with minor criminal convictions from working in the cannabis industry.

On Nov. 17, the DOR met with the Economic Affairs Interim Committee, where DOR Director Brendan Beatty recognized that the way the DOR interpreted the new rules was not in line with the legislation that provided guidance on cannabis legalization.

“It’s our job to listen to the public,” said DOR Director Brendan Beatty at the meeting. “We’ve had an unprecedented amount of input.”

Businesses such as Dancing Goat Gardens dispensaries in Missoula, Seeley Lake and Havre, pushed for the removal of the CBD ban. Companies will have a greater knowledge of the safety and dosage levels than those without licenses, said Jay Bostrom, co-owner of Dancing Goat Gardens to Montana Free Press.

The DOR also cut out the rule that anyone with a minor criminal conviction would not be able to obtain or continue to hold a permit to work in the cannabis industry.

With employers already having a tough time sourcing employees and the expected growth of the cannabis industry, dispensary owners were concerned this new law would impede their ability to find staff.

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