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EBS Viewfinder: Summer in Yellowstone

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Yellowstone National Park is home to the largest herd of Bison in North America with close to 5,000 animals in the park. PHOTO BY GABRIELLE GASSER


YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – From the Fairy Falls Trail in Yellowstone National Park, you can see steam rising above the trees from Grand Prismatic Spring no more than a mile in the distance. As you continue forward, the trees part and at the source of the steam, the vibrant glow of the spring’s turquoise and orange makes for stunning juxtaposition against the flanking green forests. A bald eagle soars overhead, drawing your attention away from the distant spectacle. In the midst of your head’s swivel, you stop as your gaze locks with that of a bison. The hum of nearby traffic and hikers seems to fade as you absorb the connection to fellow animal, to place, to the park. This is summer in Yellowstone. 

No matter the season, Yellowstone National Park is a true treasure. From mountain goats traversing high-alpine terrain to herds of elk making their beds riverside to wolves hunting the wide-open spaces of the Northern Range, the 2.2-million acre park offers unparalleled diversity. 

Below, find moments of the park’s magic caught through the lens of EBS reporter and photographer Gabrielle Gasser. Enjoy. 

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