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LMNT: The Recharge Sample Pack

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As winter kicks in, you may be experiencing fatigue in the afternoon, perhaps a headache, or even finding yourself stressed more easily. Turns out, you might simply be low in electrolytes. Especially during winter, dehydration is an all-too-common problem. To start, the average person consumes less than an adequate amount of water. While drinking water alone is important, LMNT’s scientifically formulated electrolyte drink is your missing piece for staying energized while in the mountains this winter.

This holiday season get the LMNT Recharge Sample Pack for the price of shipping ($5) for the athlete in your family. Flavors include: Raspberry Salt, Citrus Salt, Raw Unflavored, Orange Salt, Watermelon Salt, Lemon Habanero, Mango Chili and Chocolate Salt. All flavors are sugar free, gluten free, made with all natural ingredients and meet the requirements of a keto, low-carb and paleo diet.

Want to bump your electrolyte beverages up a notch? Try our signature LMNT cocktail recipe.

The Wapiti: a Mule with a twist

2 oz. of vodka, bourbon or tequila

6 oz. ginger beer

0.5 oz. lime juice

1 packet of Lime Salt LMNT

Squeeze of lime

Mix all ingredients and serve in a copper mug with ice and a lime wedge.

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