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Fall community cleanse is Oct. 2-15

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By Callie Stolz
Santosha Wellness Center

It’s that time of year again. The seasons are starting to change, and so are our bodies.

In summer, heat builds up in the tissues of our body and dries things out. As we move into cooler temperatures our bodies tend to produce excess mucous in order to fight that dryness. The mucous can become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

Utilizing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Santosha’s community cleanse can set you up for a healthier winter season by flushing excess heat, mucous and toxins; helping to detoxify your body and reboot your digestive system.

This is not a time of starvation or deprivation. Instead, it is a systematic process that includes three (or four) meals a day and specific herbs to assist the process of releasing toxins. It begins with a four-day pre-cleanse to prepare your body, moves into the main cleanse for seven days, and then finishes with a three-day post-cleanse that restores your body to return to eating a normal diet.

The community cleanse is designed to last two weeks, but it can be customized to the length of time that you are able to commit to. Going through the process with a community of others can make it much easier to get through successfully. Santosha will also offer yoga detox classes to assist the process.

Reboot body, mind, soul

Callie Stolz, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Pancha Karma (cleansing) Specialist, will lead an informational session at Santosha Wellness Center on Sept. 25 from 7:30-8:30 p.m. explaining the health benefits of cleansing as the season changes. Stolz will also teach some of the basics of Ayurveda and how it pertains to cleansing and tuning into individual needs during the cleansing process.

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