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Tips and Tales from Big Sky Snow Sports



By Emily Nedved

Try out a powder ski!

Wednesday, January 5 was yet another
epic powder day at Big Sky. For
the majority of skiers, that meant big
smiles, calling in sick or running late
to work. But on days like that, there
is also a population of skiers who say
things like, “Why didn’t they groom
anything last night,” or “I wish it
would stop snowing.”
I have found the walk-in business
in the Snowsports School at Big Sky
increases on a powder day. Sad, but
true, a certain percentage of people
in this world hate powder. Why? I
think it’s for a combination of reasons:
not having the right fundamentals,
the right tactics and the right
In the past, because I always lived in
an “instructor world,” I opted for a
traditional ski, even on a powder day.
However, since moving to Big Sky
and having fellow instructor Tom
Marshall metaphorically sitting on
my shoulder on every powder day,
I’ve changed my choice of powder
ski. I was always very reluctant to ski
a fatter ski because I thought I’d lose
my ability to be accurate and precise
with my movements. I discovered
that I can manipulate my powder ski
the same way I manipulate my traditional
Plus, the extra width gives me more
stability in cruddy, set-up snow.
My advice for the week: If you
haven’t tried a fat powder ski or a
rockered ski, you are missing out.
With the right fundamentals you can
achieve the same outcomes, as you
can on a traditional ski.
Emily Nedved is a PSIA-NRM
Examiner and helps run the Big Sky
Children’s Snowsports School.

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