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GEAR: Oakley Prizm A-Frame 2.0

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By Joseph T. O’Connor Explore Big Sky Managing Editor

The A-Frame 2.0 answers the question goggle manufacturers have been asking for years: How do we make a comfortable goggle with universal qualities? By keeping the same triple-layer foam and dual vents the A-Frame has always offered, Oakley changed the game in two major ways with the 2.0: a broader field of vision and the revolutionary Prizm lens.

By giving riders wider peripheral vision, the A-Frame 2.0 reduces the chances of being broadsided by that snowboarder railing a heelside turn, the skier who’s French frying when they should be pizza pie-ing, or that pesky fir that can sideswipe you in tight trees.

Oakley’s Prizm lens is a product built on decades of research, and by adjusting to varying light conditions, you can keep riding rather than changing your lens out with every passing cloud. Add an anti-fog coating and 100 percent UV protection, and you have an unstoppable lens.

The weather in Montana can shift quickly from bluebird to gray and cloudy. Pack the A-Frame 2.0, and you’ll have the only goggle you need to get by.

Frame: Jet black; Lens: Jade Iridium. $160

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