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Dynafit TLT Speed Turn Radical bindings

Dynafit TLT6 Performance ski boots

I dragged my heels – or better put, dropped a knee as a telemark skier – for a long time before getting into the light and revolutionary world of alpine touring. After a taste, there was no going back. I initially gravitated toward the crossover gear that could handle in-bounds laps, but I’ve realized that the major advancements in weight saving and performance of super-lightweight AT gear – namely by Dynafit – is the way to go.

My new setup has cut pounds from each foot, and has made a noticeable difference in how fast and far I can travel. The weight savings are worth every dollar.

My binding of choice is the featherweight Dynafit TLT Speed Turn Radical binding. Designed to not compete with the burlier and more aggressive bindings in and outside the Dynafit line, these bindings are as light as you can go without buying a tech-race binding. They have plenty of power even on the most demanding turns, and the simple, one-turn heelpiece with a flip-up climbing bar is simple and effective. The take home: Simple, burly and reliable.
After selling my heavier four-buckle AT boots, I dropped a pretty penny and went for the Dynafit TLT6 Performance. Even with two-buckles, this expert-oriented boot is ridiculously stiff and turns and tours like a champ. It looks and feels a bit wider than the other lines of Dynafit, and is stunningly light.

My advice is to ditch the crossover setup. The “do everything” mantra evokes images of Bo Jackson and white Nike cross-trainers from the ‘80s. This Dynafit combination is my ultimate dream setup for long tours and big, technical descents. Save the less expensive, and heavier gear for the chairlifts! – Brian Ladd TLT Speed Turn Radical bindings: $349, TLT6 Performance boots: $999

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