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Gear Review: Gilson Pioneer all-mountain twin snowboard



By Taylor-Ann Smith EBS Graphic Designer

Gilson snowboards are giving riders a buttery cruise down the mountain with their innovative snowboard design that makes your ride faster and smoother. Nick Gilson needed for more speed, and he founded Gilson Boards through a series of trials and errors to create his own, faster snowboard.

IMG_2076With a team of visionary friends, Gilson eventually crafted a design never before seen in the industry. Gilson snowboards feature raised planes along the outer edges of the base that lift the metal edges off the snow surface.

This design stabilizes the board, making it slick and speedy on flat surfaces, and also creates a secondary “soft edge” that allows you to drift into turns as opposed to shifting weight onto your edge to carve. But don’t worry, the extra edge on this board also allows for some powerful, sharp carving if needed.

The Pioneer lives up to its all-mountain pedigree by coasting you down low-angle groomers and giving you extra edge hold on steep slopes. The super-flex design gives it tons of pop making it an ace in the terrain park or when you take to the air. And to top it off, Gilson makes its boards in the USA.


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