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Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

I’ve used LUCA’s combination face moisturizer and sunscreen daily for three weeks, and am very happy with the results. The oil-free formula keeps my skin clear of breakouts and provides a peace of mind knowing I have a base of UV protection for the day. The 3-ounce bottle is also a great size to take on day trips for use as a full-body sunscreen. $20 – Kelsey Dzintars

Max Sport SPF 30

LUCA Max Sport SPF 30 sunscreen has protected me from the sun during long days of trail fieldwork. I love the non-aerosol spray bottle, which makes it easy to apply and doesn’t spray in my face if it’s windy. LUCA’s Max Sport is easy to carry in my pack and doesn’t leak, making it highly recommended for outdoor activities. $15 (4-ounce bottle) – Emily O’Connor

LUCA Lips SPF 30

Good lip protection is essential for Montana’s dry, hot summers. Made up of a natural beeswax formula, and vitamins A, C and E, this hydrating lip balm keeps your lips smooth and protected from the sun all day long, so you can forget about chapped lips and simply enjoy what you’re doing. Finally, multiple applications are a thing of the past. $8 – Maria Wyllie

Alpine Extreme SPF 30

I first used the Alpine Extreme sunscreen ski touring in North Cascades National Park, Wash. in May. During two weeks spent mostly in the alpine – exposed to sun, wind, fog, snow and rain – my face was battered by the elements constantly and this product performed. It’s non-greasy, water resistant and prevents the raccoon eyes that often afflict the alpine adventurer. $10 – Tyler Allen

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