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Gear Review: Sea to Summit Pocket Body Wash



By Tyler Allen Staff Writer

I was skeptical when I first opened the hard plastic container of the Sea to Summit Pocket Body Wash. There was no soap. Instead, there were 50 paper-thin leaves that dissolve in water to create a soapy lather.

But they’ve turned out to be a great alternative if you want to shave precious ounces in your backpack. Kind of like dried fruit.

You’ll need multiple leaves for anything more than a simple handwash, and that means you need to anticipate how many you’ll use—if you try to remove the leaves with wet hands they’ll dissolve right in the case. A full bath or shower requires at least five or six leaves.

But if you’re just looking to freshen up on the trail, a few of the biodegradable leaves will suffice for those “problem” areas. They’ll keep the smell down and the weight as well. $3.50 for a case of 50 leaves. Available at the Bozeman REI and at

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