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Gear: Slumberjack Nightfall 2



With the summer days getting shorter and the nights cooling down, the Slumberjack Nightfall 2 is the perfect tent for a late summer camping trip. With a 15-minute max pitch time, this tent made it easy to secure a camping spot and quickly hit the trails.

Setting up the Nightfall 2 was a breeze. With just three poles and a handful of stakes, directions were minimal and straightforward. The tent is surprisingly large and comfortably fit two adults and a 40-pound sprawled-out pup. With near vertical sidewalls, the inside felt quite roomy for the seemingly small exterior. The front porch vestibule rolls up to allow more airflow, and can be converted into a shade awning with a couple of trekking poles.

Although a perfect end-of-summer tent, this three-season mountain tent can handle just about any weather thrown its way. External pitch pole architecture keeps it dry in the rain, and the full coverage rain fly ensures a dry and comfortable experience. The rain fly also keeps out strong nighttime wind. With lightweight 7001 series aluminum poles and an overall weight of 5 pounds and 10 ounces, this tent is ideal for backpackers and hunters heading out into potentially chilly weather. – Marisa Specht


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