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Think ‘CHEF’ when approaching the ball

By Mark Wehrman EBS Contributor

Developing a consistent routine when approaching the golf ball can be just as crucial as a good swing is to hitting a successful shot.

First, always start behind the golf ball to get the best visual of your intended target line. Next, find an intermediate target that is somewhere between your golf ball and the target. This intermediate target can be an old divot, a broken tee, or discoloration in the grass, for example.

Photo courtesy of Mark Wehrman

Photo courtesy of Mark Wehrman

From there, follow the “CHEF” routine, an approach to the golf ball that I have used for many years:

Clubhead – Aim the clubhead at the target or better yet, at your intermediate target.

Hands – Place your hands on the grip with the clubhead still aimed at your target.

Eyes – With your hands on the club, look at your target.

Feet – Set your feet while looking at the target.

To recap, start behind the ball being very specific about picking your target. Then think “CHEF,” as you aim your clubhead, put your hands on the grip, and then look at the target while setting your feet: club, hands, eyes, feet, in that order.

Having a consistent routine when approaching the ball will lead to more consistent golf shots.

Mark Wehrman is the PGA Head Professional at the Big Sky Resort Golf Course.

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