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Golf Tips from a Pro: Tee it high and let it fly!



By Mark Wehrman EBS Contributor

Are you looking to increase your distance? Most golfers are, and if so, you should be trying to launch the ball as high as possible. Given the current technology used to build modern golf balls, if you want your ball to go farther, you need to increase your carry distance.

Golf balls are now constructed using solid-core technology, which means the ball has a solid inner core surrounded by a cover. The thicker the cover, the more durable the ball will be, but the feel coming off of the face will also be harder. A thinner outer cover means the ball will have a softer feel, but the ball will also more prone to cutting and scuffing.

With this new technology, golfers should be making every effort to launch the ball high in the air, and to keep it flying as long as possible.

In short, the golf ball is not designed to roll anymore. Before the current solid-core technology, old golf balls were constructed much differently. There was a small rubber core, wound with string, with a cover surrounding it. This “obsolete” technology was more conducive to spin, and helped the ball roll out more after it landed.

Again, with the modern, solid-core technology the ball is designed to fly longer and farther with much less spin, and subsequently, less roll.

So, if you’re looking to increase your distance—especially with the longer clubs like your driver, woods and low irons—the goal should always be to launch it higher and gain your extra yardage through carry distance. So when you’re on the tee box, tee up your ball high and let it fly.

Mark Wehrman is the PGA Head Professional at the Big Sky Resort Golf Course.

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