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Track your performance with a handicap

Mark Wehrman EBS Contributor

In golf, having a handicap is the best and most efficient way to track your performance and to gauge whether or not you’re improving.

Golf handicaps are a true reflection of a golfer’s potential ability. A golfer’s handicap index is calculated using an algorithm applied to the difference in the course rating and the score a golfer shoots.

The handicap is what each golfer uses to “level” the playing field, and allows for friendly competition when they play against others who typically score better or worse.

Go to your local course and ask to establish a handicap – any golf course open for public play should offer this for a nominal fee. Then, every round you shoot, make sure to count each stroke and post every score, high or low. If you do this, you’ll always have an accurate reflection of what your potential ability is on a given course, and whether you’re improving your game.

Mark Wehrman is the PGA Head Professional at the Big Sky Resort Golf Course.

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