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Guide to Giving: Blue Water Task Force



The Blue Water Task Force is a local nonprofit dedicated to protecting and preserving the health of the Gallatin Watershed. In order to accomplish this, BWTF runs four programs: Community Water Quality Monitoring, Water Resource Assessment, Watershed Restoration, and Community Education.

Under the Community Water Quality Monitoring program, volunteers have been collecting and analyzing water quality and aquatic insects in the Gallatin Watershed since 2000. The data is used to assess and track the health of the Gallatin River and its tributaries.

Digging a bit deeper, the Water Resource Assessment program conducts more in-depth scientific assessments in the watershed, aiming to answer questions such as, “How healthy is the river?” and, “Are there areas of the watershed that could be restored to improve its condition?”

Through the Watershed Restoration program, BWTF is tackling water quality problems found through these monitoring and assessment programs. Projects slated for the upcoming year include, among others: restoration on the Upper West Fork to reduce nitrogen and algae; improvements to river access sites in the Gallatin Canyon; installation of the community stormwater conservation garden at Ophir School; and the Trout-Friendly Landscaping program.

Tying it all together, the Community Education program aims to educate the public on local water resource issues. BWTF strives to cultivate a community that protects and preserves the Gallatin River’s health.

Summer Events:

July 2: Wild and Scenic Designation discussion followed by DamNation, a film that chronicles a growing movement to tear down obsolete dams

July 26-27: The Big Sky Fly Fishing Festival

BWTF is supported by L&K Real Estate. More information on these events as well as volunteer opportunities, water reports and real-time stream flow data is available at

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