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HATCH launches COVID-19 mask force initiative




“Somewhere at the intersection of a TED Talk, a think tank, a professional networking event and, in many respects, a Ken Kesey party, lays HATCH,” EBS once reported in October.

The organization is at it again now, as practical, forward-thinking solutions are in high demand and a mighty global challenge has brought humanity to its knees.

As COVID-19 batters the globe with effects felt on granular and macro levels, HATCH is poised to tap that immense and international network to combat the crisis at critical focal points.

Cue the HATCH COVID-19 Mask Force Initiative, which seeks to provide masks to those most vulnerable and essential in this uniquely urgent fight: frontline healthcare workers scrambling for personal protective equipment, including facemasks, amid a global shortage and distribution issue.

To drive the need home, a lack of masks doesn’t just affect a healthcare worker, but also anyone potentially infected by those workers.

Within eight days of launching the initiative, the HATCH network and cooperating volunteers delivered some 28,000 masks to frontline medical professionals in hopes of rapidly scaling he initiative to new heights.

And you can help: Tap your network. Pound the pavement. Find masks. Make donations. It all plays in this universal fight for the health of humanity.

Visit for more information and to make a tax-deductible donation.

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