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Who is Heather McPhie?



Have you ever had that dream where you are flying?  Lucky for me that dream has become a reality when I jump in the moguls.  Although I love jumping now, that wasn’t always the case.  I have always loved mogul skiing, but jumping terrified me, in fact, my first year competing, I avoided it entirely!  Ironically, once we could go inverted (2003), jumping became one of my favorite things, mostly because of my gymnastics background.

Hi!  My name is Heather McPhie and I got out of the backpack and hit the slopes at the age of three in Montana, and have had a passion for it ever since.  Skiing has taught me so much about myself, I have met countless wonderful people, plus it has taken me all over the world!

Freestyle Mogul skiing is an event I started competing in at the age of twelve.  Before that I had been a competitive gymnast and when I was done with that my parent’s didn’t know what to do with me.  They knew I loved mogul skiing, and with my gymnastics background they thought I would enjoy jumping.  Since sign up day with the Bridger Ski Foundation my career has been a slow and steady climb to where I am now…a member of the US Freestyle Ski Team.

On top of my ski career (which takes up quite a bit of my time), I am the bookkeeper for McPhie Cabinetry, have another part time bookkeeping job in Park City, and whenever I can I love to coach and give back to the sport that has shaped my life.  Anytime I can help get people excited about skiing and being outdoors, I’m a happy girl!

When I’m not attending to those things I love to do yoga, visit my family, play with my new nephew Coby, hop on my road bike, freeski, snowboard, sit with a cup of tea and a good book, or be outside doing just about anything!

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