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Hydrate at OZssage



By Maria Wyllie Associate Editor

“You’re glowing.”

Those were the first words I heard after stepping out of OZssage Spa in Big Sky. That was all I needed to hear to know my facial really did work.

In Chinese medicine, fall is the season when the metal element governs the skin’s health. Following this philosophy, OZssage owner Jacquie Rager recommends a number of treatments that exfoliate the dead skin layers and encourage regeneration of the new skin cell process, as well as prepare the skin’s natural barrier for the long winter months ahead.

Having grown up in Virginia’s humidity, my skin doesn’t take kindly to Montana’s dry, windy winters. Keeping it hydrated is a constant struggle that Rager says many others share.

In her efforts to find a clean, hydrating product, Rager came across the Intraceuticals line, not even realizing it was founded in her native Australia. In comparison to other facial treatments, Rager says, “It’s the most hydrating, and it penetrates further through the skin via application at the molecular level, making it ideal for Montana.”

Many celebrities rave about the results of this high-end treatment. According to a testimonial on the Intraceuticals website, Yellowstone Club homeowner Justin Timberlake said, “It makes my skin look dope.”

The Intraceutical Oxygen Infusion Facial uses oxygen to penetrate hyaluronic acid, the body’s natural plumping agent, deep within the skin, adding hydration and volume that can be seen instantly and that Rager says has lasting results.

When Rager hosted a special Intraceuticals event at OZssage in September, I decided to give it a try. A company specialist performed the treatment on the right side my face and then had me look into a mirror to show me the difference. Although it was subtle, the right side felt firmer and when I smiled, the left half didn’t quite match.

Even though the treatment is naturally soothing and relaxing, Rager enhances the experience by incorporating jade stone techniques. Known for their anti-inflammatory and cooling properties, as well as their ability to help with circulation and stimulate cell regrowth, Rager’s use of this ancient practice is another way OZssage adds spa ambience to its therapeutic health practices.

OZssage also offers a topical Intraceuticals line, which is a more affordable option than a full facial.

Rager, who recently graduated from esthetics school, is now able to work alongside the spa’s three other skin care specialists, enabling her to offer a higher standard of skin care services tailored to every client’s needs. Apart from using SPF as the first line of defense to prevent skin damage, Rager says using a line like this is the next best thing you can do to keep your skin healthy in dry, harsh climates.

“One of the biggest causes for wrinkling and aging is dehydration of the skin cells and not being able to replenish them,” she said. “The weather strips the skin’s barriers, so this helps with getting all the nutrients back into the lower levels of the skin.”

Bottom line, Intraceuticals is about hydration – something we all need.

For more information on Intraceuticals and other fall specials, visit or call OZssage at (406) 995-7575.

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