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Individuals can create immediate solutions for global warming

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By Eileen Connors, Explore Big Sky columnist

Global warming, and the need to
prevent it, makes headlines regularly.
Regardless, the problem continues to
run away unabated. The bottom line
is, everyday we add more greenhouse
gases to the troposphere, which retain
more heat, warming the planet.

For people who experience temperature
differences of 100 degrees annually, a
few degrees change in Earth’s average
temperature doesn’t seem like an issue.
But it is a big deal, because similar to
your body temperature raising a few
degrees, Earth is a living entity.
Global warming is already creating
more and stronger natural disasters
like drought, wildfires, hurricanes and
flooding. It’s also increasing the spread
of diseases; for example, the West Nile
virus is now in Montana.

Global warming is not climate change;
global warming creates climate change.
Some people wonder if global warming
is real. Some don’t believe it is. Even
if global warming were a farce, everything
we do that is believed to cause it
creates so many other environmental
and health problems.

Clean energy, which will help
stabilize and reduce global warming,
won’t be common for at least a decade.
What’s perhaps even more important is
individual cooperation.

Everyone can be responsible today
by simply changing habits. The key
is to stop using disposable products.
We utilize manufacturing, packaging,
transportation and disposal processes,
emitting greenhouse gases 24/7.

Conservation will also produce needed
results on the short term. Only turn
your heat on to a responsible level.
Don’t let hot water run down the drain.
Drive responsible cars minimally,
because every gallon of gas you burn
emits 20 pounds of carbon dioxide. With so many cars driving less than a
mile for every pound they emit, driving
is a huge global warming contributor.

Lets Stop Conveniencing Ourselves Out
Of A Livable Planet. Learn this and so
much more at EnvironmentalEducator.
and highly rated app.

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