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It's Easy to Eat Local



Matt Rothschiller, co-owner of Gallatin Valley Botanical,
dishes on what’s good and fresh during
the cold winter months, and where to find it.

What’s Good Now

Farmers are at the low point of the local produce season. Carrots, potatoes, onions,
garlic and other roots, as well as winter squash constitute the December through
May availability of locally produced vegetables in Southwest Montana. Fortunately,
grains, eggs and cheese, grass fed beef and lamb, free-range organic pork, and other
sustainably produced farm goods can be found in abundance through the winter
months at local grocers and restaurants, at online markets and directly from the
producers themselves.

Where to Get It
The go-to market for producers and
consumers in the area is the Community
Food Co-op in Bozeman. It’s often
the first place where local farmers and
ranchers try to sell their products,
and the Co-op prides itself upon its
selection of sustainably produced local
products. Find carrots from Gallatin
Valley Botanical, winter squash
from Geyser Farm, potatoes from the
Kimms, and onions from several smaller
local producers. The Hungry Moose
Market in Big Sky is also a dedicated
supporter of local products.
Many independently owned local
restaurants in Big Sky and in Bozeman
use local meats, dairy and produce.
Several of GVB’s restaurant accounts
are in Big Sky: By Word of Mouth,
Lone Mountain Ranch, Spanish Peaks
and Rainbow Ranch Lodge all use
GVB products whenever they are
available, and they often buy in large
amounts, storing what they can to
offer local produce through the dark
months of the calendar. The best way
to find out what’s local in a restaurant
is to ask the server, and don’t forget to
needle them for the details.
At least two online markets send local
products directly to consumers in
Southwest Montana. Mariann Vandenelzen
markets produce directly
from her own farm as well as products
from other local producers of beef,
lamb, bread, and cheese on her online
market Also try, which
was started this fall by Ennion Williams,
a long time local product supporter
in his past role as GM of Lone
Mountain Ranch.
Head to the Bozeman Winter Market
twice monthly from October through
April. It was started up several years
ago in Bozeman at the Emerson Cultural
Center Ballroom in response to
local producers looking for a venue to
market their products in a warm environment
through the winter months.
The next market is on January 8 from 9
a.m. to noon at the Emerson.
Direct purchases are occasionally
available from the farm, and one of the
best ways to get in touch with local
producers is to use the farm search
engine GVB stores
root veggies, cabbage, alliums, Brussels
sprouts, winter squash, harvest kale,
chard, arugula and lettuce greens from
the greenhouses and delivers weekly
to those who subscribe to the winter
Community Supported Agriculture.

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