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Jack Creek Grille takes the place of the former Timbers



Moonlight Basin has three new dining options in the Moonlight Lodge, the North Slope Deli, Jack Creek Bar and the Jack Creek Grille. These facilities were formerly operated under the name Timbers.

Now named after the iconic Jack Creek Road, a gated 10-mile dirt road that winds through a wilderness preserve and drainage west of Big Sky, the new restaurant will strive to be genuine and friendly, with beautiful presentation and fine dining, according to Karen Lum, Moonlight’s marketing director.

The new format allows a lower price point, said Greg Pack, General Manager at Moonlight.

“We were trying to make sure that families could visit us a couple times during their visit and create an environment that locals would consider a regular spot,” Pack said.

The menu is family friendly with as much local food as possible, said executive chef Eric Stenberg.

“We’d like to call it American food. It’s grill style, with steaks, seafood, pasta, lasagna. It’s comfort food, in a sense.”

The bartenders will strive to know your face and recognize you, if not know your name, Lum added.

“They will know your favorite drink and they will mix special ones not found on the menu because… Well, because its fun and makes our guests feel special.”

“You can count on value and high quality.” E.S.

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