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Letter: Rat poison kills

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We have lived at 2710 Little Coyote Road in Big Sky for 15 years. At last count there were about 16 dogs residing on the stretch of Little Coyote from the Spanish Peaks Condos to the Spur road. There is now one less.

On Feb. 10, my youngest of two labs ingested a long-acting rodenticide called Brodifacoum, verified by blood tests done at the University of Michigan. Brodifacoum is commonly found in the rat poisons you can buy in any hardware store. She suffocated about 10 days after eating the poison in the area on the west side of Little Coyote.

There was very little warning. To save her, I would have had to watch her eat it. Ultimately, it is my fault because I lost track of her, and I will carry this pain for a very long time.

I find it extremely hard to believe any thinking person would be putting out rat poison in areas that would be easily accessible to dogs that might pass by.

I am asking residents and property management companies to be aware of such actions. If this had been a child, the consequences would have been dire. As it is, she was just a dog some would say. But dogs are a big part of people’s lives in Big Sky, and we miss her desperately.

– Ken Birgfeld, Big Sky

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