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Letter to the Editor: Big Sky for sale?

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To the Editor:

I and many acquaintances and friends are so dismayed that our little village has succumbed to “naming rights” as evidenced by the new Len Hill Park, formerly so aptly and subtly named “Town Center Park.” While it may always be problematic to raise substantial sums for civic improvements, I cannot help but wonder how many of us would have reached deeper into our pockets to avoid the unseemly, un-Western, un-Big Sky, self-aggrandizing Len Hill.

Who can not appreciate the former, diminutive plaque recognizing the original benefactors of our little park, right-sized you might say, not overshadowing the beauty of the place.

And what could follow? “Ousel Falls Trail Brought To You By Kirkland Water,” “Budweiser Upper Hammock Trail,” “Tesla Town Square”? Are we really for sale?

Patrick Mitchell

Big Sky

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