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Letter to the Editor: Vote for the 1 percent resort tax increase



To the Editor,

When my husband and I purchased property in Big Sky more than 18 years ago, I was impressed with the Big Sky County Water and Sewer District investment in our community, namely the large holding ponds that we drove by. Now I live here fulltime, and I attend the monthly Big Sky County Water and Sewer District meetings as my schedule permits. I’ve read the numerous articles in community newspapers and heard the discussion at the meetings on the need to upgrade and expand the wastewater treatment plant. I am heartened that the BSCWSD has partnered with the Big Sky Resort Area Tax District to help fund, at least partially, the upgrade and expansion project through the 1 percent increase in the resort tax for infrastructural projects.

The BSCWSD expansion of the current wastewater treatment plant will serve community growth via planned development and workforce housing, and the upgrade in the treatment technique will better protect the Gallatin River watershed.

If the 1 percent increase is not approved by the voters, the folks living within the boundaries of the district will likely see their rates for services doubled. The wastewater plant upgrade and expansion must happen as the existing plant is not able to keep up with treatment demands. This is our community’s opportunity to have tourists and visitors to our fair community help us fund this critical piece of our infrastructure. I urge all BSCWSD rate payers to vote responsibly for this needed funding stream as it will benefit our community for many years to come.

Mary Ann Comstock

Big Sky, Montana

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