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A call for cost-effective housing

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Hello friends and community of Big Sky,

A local developer and I are working on creating a neighborhood of 50 reasonably priced houses centrally located in Big Sky. These homes, ranging in size from 1,200-3,200 square feet, would be built on 40-by-100-foot lots with two-car garages and the option of having an apartment over the garage. The lots would share spaces for vehicle access and trash removal.

These houses would range from two to four bedrooms. There would be four house-types, with various paint schemes and exterior materials to choose from. The idea is that it would blend seamlessly with the current neighborhood.

The developer is funded, and we’ve started the design process, but things have slowed due to the landowner considering a condo development instead of these single-family homes. Although condos do have their place, it is my belief as an architect and community member, that Big Sky workers and residents greatly desire to purchase their own reasonably priced, freestanding homes with their own yard and garage.

This town needs to grow from within and take ownership of its future. For that to happen, home ownership is critical for the working community.

The area’s Affordable Housing Committee has chosen an organization to perform a housing study in Big Sky. However this opportunity needs momentum now, if we want to make owning your own home here a reality.
Let your voices be heard.

We are asking potential homebuyers to write letters to this newspaper outlining their specific interest in owning a freestanding home and not a condominium.

Email letters to for print.

Thanks for your interest. The more letters we get the stronger the message will be.


David C. Fowler

David C. Fowler Architecture MT Inc.

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