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Since its completion, Town Center Plaza by the Wilson Hotel has served as a gathering place for live music, the Big Sky Farmers Market and other much-loved community events. PHOTO COURTESY OF LONE MOUNTAIN LAND COMPANY

Devoted to a thriving community


LMLC is a proud sponsor of Big Sky’s Biggest Week.

BIG SKY – Everyone who’s moved to Big Sky remembers the moment they realized they wanted to live here. For you, maybe it was rounding the corner on Lone Mountain Trail and seeing the mountain for the first time. Or maybe it was your first real powder day, slicing your skis through the fluffy white mounds and wondering what it might be like to do this every day. Maybe it was your first golf match at The Reserve in Moonlight Basin. Or maybe it was a spectacular sunset during your first Big Sky PBR event, surrounded by cheering friends, the electric energy and a beautiful backdrop bringing the town to life. 

Whatever that moment of clarity looks like for you, the feeling of home you get from Big Sky is no accident. From Spanish Peaks Mountain Club, Moonlight Basin, Town Center and the Wilson Hotel, Lone Mountain Land Company and their community partners have been devoted to building a vibrant and dynamic future for the community since its conception. By partnering with the industry’s best in architecture, construction and hospitality operations, LMLC never fails to meet planning, entitlement, building, marketing and real estate needs up and down the mountain.

“Committing and implementing improvements around the community is and always has been a top priority for LMLC,” says Matt Kidd, LMLC’s managing director. “Whether it’s to help make living year-round in Big Sky more desirable and attainable through new housing projects and competitive wages, or supporting a diverse group of full-time and seasonal residents through our foundations, we are continually looking to the future of Big Sky and how we can help enhance it for all.”

We all come to Big Sky for its grand views and open spaces, eager for our own piece of the untamed southwest Montana lifestyle. LMLC makes this possible for everyone by enhancing the way of living for all. One such project that emulates this mission is Moonlight Basin—possibly one of the most unique mountain living experiences in the West. From ski-in access to Big Sky Resort, connection to a trail system that meanders through the Lee Metcalf Wilderness from your backyard, to a quick drive down to Town Center for community events, Moonlight strives to make the life you’ve always dreamt of a reality.

“I feel fortunate that I am able to be a part of so many different aspects of our community,” says Kevin Germain, VP of Moonlight Basin. “Through serving on a variety of boards, being involved with the bigger picture when it comes to sustainability at Moonlight and beyond, and working for an organization that supports its employees in getting involved with community issues as much as possible, it’s quite an honor.”

LMLC also knows that lifestyle isn’t just about amenities—it’s about the faces you see every day and the memories you build with those in your community. From their role in the formation of the Big Sky Relief efforts during the pandemic, to charitable efforts through the Moonlight Community Foundation and Spanish Peaks Community Foundation, they work to elevate the quality of life for those living in the greater Big Sky area.

“I joined LMLC in March of 2020, right when COVID affected our town the most,” says Krista Traxler, VP of marketing at LMLC. “It was incredible to see how LMLC worked together with community leaders to create Big Sky Relief and other efforts supporting our residents during such a challenging time. We are fortunate to live in a place where so many leaders, non-profit organizations, and businesses work together for the betterment of a mountain lifestyle that is certainly celebrated by many.”

In the coming weeks, while you’re in the stands of the Big Sky Events Arena at Big Sky PBR grabbing a glass of your favorite brew, cheering along with your friends and family and anticipating the moment when your favorite post-PBR band walks on stage—remember that the moment is an accumulation of efforts of a group of strong, community partners who care about how the community grows.

The Outlaw Partners is a creative marketing, media and events company based in Big Sky, Montana.

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