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Lone Peak’s Revenge



Montana Enduro Series to finish out season in Big Sky Aug. 13


Lone Peak’s Revenge will be the fourth and final stop of the 2017 Montana Enduro Series, the 3-year-old brainchild of the Montana Bicycle Guild. Big Sky Resort, with its rugged alpine terrain, world-class scenery, and ever expanding network of mountain bike trails, is an ideal venue to wrap up the series.

Enduro racing has become a popular discipline worldwide. Racers set out on a course that links a series of timed downhill stages with untimed transition stages. The transitions can be a combination of human-powered climbing and/or lift-assisted ascents. At the end of the day, the racer with the fastest combined downhill stages wins. 

The more relaxed pace of the climbs allow racers to socialize with fellow racers and look around to take in the scenery.  The focus is fun, adventure, and camaraderie.  Despite that, it’s a physically grueling event, with the extensive climbing and high-intensity descents putting everyone’s fitness and skills to the test.  

The course, which includes both Lone and Andesite mountains, will be announced on Wednesday, Aug. 9.  Racers will have Saturday, Aug. 12, to practice the course, with racing starting 9 a.m. sharp Sunday morning.

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