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LPHS athletes well represented in post season awards

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Senior captain Hicks competing this season. PHOTO BY MICHELLE HORNING

By Brandon Walker EBS STAFF

BIG SKY – In an unprecedented year for high school athletics that saw athletes and coaches wearing masks on the sidelines, limited attendance at games and contests cancelled, the Lone Peak High School varsity athletic teams all completed successful seasons in their own right. Adding to that success, 15 LPHS athletes were recently selected to various All-State and All-Conference teams at the conclusion of the athletic seasons.

Big Horn Football Honoree

Juliusz Shipman – 2nd Team All-Conference – Special Teams

Big Horn freshman Juliusz Shipman totaled four touchdowns during his first varsity campaign, leading to his selection as an All-Conference honoree for the 2nd Team. The kicker was praised by LPHS Head Coach Adam Farr for his kicking abilities, referring to him as “… one of the only kickers that reliably makes field goals, during games, in our division.” On top of multiple kickoffs that the freshman returned for scores during the season, he also hauled in a tipped pass, catching it for a touchdown as time expired to conclude a game versus Absarokee. Shipman and the Big Horns will return to the field next fall with only one senior departing from this year’s squad.

Freshman Shipman on the field this season. PHOTO BY KIM HOLST

“Juliusz at no time during the season appeared to be a freshman, even though he is, and [I] was truly impressed with his toughness and speed, agility and [he’s] definitely deserving of that special teams honor that he got,” Farr said.

Lady Big Horn Volleyball Honorees

Ivy Hicks – All-State, 1st Team All-Conference

Senior captain Ivy Hicks showcased superb leadership and passing skills all season for the Lady Big Horns, earning her the distinction of both an All-State team selection and 1st Team All-Conference honors. The setter led LPHS with 418 assists over the team’s 19 game schedule, an average of 22 assists per game. She added 15 aces to her stellar parting act, helping lead the Lady Big Horns to make a deeper postseason run than any other Lone Peak volleyball team ever had. 

“Ivy’s ability to run down every second ball and get it precisely to a hitter is what earned her a spot on first team,” said LPHS Head Coach Missy Botha via text to EBS. “She was able to spread the hitting around to keep the opposing blockers guessing.”

Chloe Hammond – 1st Team All-Conference

Senior caption Chloe Hammond wore the libero jersey for Lone Peak for the past two seasons and earned the 1st Team All-Conference distinction this year. In her final campaign, Hammond paced the Lady Big Horns with 205 digs, adding 32 aces to accompany her defensive prowess. She average nearly 11 digs per game and is one of six seniors departing the program from this season’s team.

“Chloe kept us in more points with her digging ability. She was relentless in tracking down every ball and getting it to target. Her perfect passing on serve receive, sets up our offense,” Botha said through text. “It all starts with a good pass and that’s what she does best.”

Maddie Cone – 2nd Team All-Conference

Sophomore middle hitter Maddie Cone made a name for herself in her first full varsity volleyball campaign. Cone missed four games due to an ankle injury, but still racked up impressive statistics with less matches to do so. She finished her season with 154 digs, 23 aces and 20 blocks. Her presence at the net was invaluable to the Lady Big Horns, while adding more than 10 digs per game. She, along with five other returners, will look to build off this season’s historic campaign.

“Maddie Cone just kept getting better and better with every game she played. She definitely should have been chosen to be on the 1st Team All-Conference. Unfortunately there were coaches that weren’t able to see her play when she was out injured. Those lost votes had her on second team, which for a sophomore is huge anyway,” Botha said through text. “This will fuel her to be even more of an offensive threat next year.”

Big Horn Soccer Honorees

Evan Iskenderian – All-State, 1st Team All-Conference

Senior captain Iskenderian on the field this season. OUTLAW PARTNERS PHOTO

Senior captain Evan Iskenderian manned the midfield position for the Big Horns on the field this season and earned the distinctions of All-State and All-Conference 1st Team selections for his efforts.  He led the team, netting three goals on the year and added an assist to his statistics. Iskenderian was also recognized by LPHS Head Coach Tony Coppola and Assistant Coach Jeremy Harder as the team’s “Offensive MVP” in the Big Horns inaugural soccer season.

“… His play was consistent and he played at a level that stood out—much higher than most of the players on our team,” Coppola said. “… He was our captain; he was our leading scorer and I’d say that it was rightly deserved.”

Michael Romney – 1st Team All-Conference

Senior goalkeeper Michael Romney was a constant presence in the net for LPHS in 2020 and was chosen as a 1st Team All-Conference selection in the post season awards. Praised by his coach for his leadership abilities, Romney, also a captain, had 81 saves over the course of the season, including two shutout performances and was chosen as the “Team MVP” by Coppola and Harder. 

“He was the general back in the defense and yeah that’s what a solid goalkeeper has to be right, is able to direct the orchestra back there and he definitely did that and not to put down his skill level because he is definitely one of the best goalkeepers in the state,” Coppola said.

Tony Brester – 2nd Team All-Conference

Junior Tony Brester will become the lone returning senior from the 2020 LPHS varsity boys soccer team next season. The defenseman was honored for his play this year when he was selected as a member of the 2nd Team All-Conference honorees. Brester and six other returners will look to build on the team’s 2-4-2 regular season record in 2021.

“I think that he obviously was one of the only non-seniors that stood out, that I thought … deserved being on the second team. I’m going to look to him to be one of our leaders next year, as probably our only senior and he will definitely step up to the role and become one of our captains next year,” Coppola said.

Nolan Schumacher – 2nd Team All-Conference

Senior Nolan Schumacher was selected as a member of the All-Conference 2nd Team honorees. The defenseman received praise from Coppola for his non-verbal leadership capabilities and was chosen as the team’s “Defensive MVP” by Coppola and Harder. Schumacher and the 2020 Lone Peak Big Horns earned a playoff berth in their inaugural season, losing to the Whitefish Bulldogs who went on to claim the state title. 

“So I would say Nolan is probably the most consistent defender on the team, right, he kept his composure [and] made very few mistakes,” Coppola said. “… He definitely led by example and kept the line together, and it was always a treat to hear him pipe up and tell somebody [to] get in position.”

Miles Hoover – 2nd Team All-Conference

Senior Miles Hoover was also selected as a 2nd Team All-Conference honoree for the Big Horns. The midfielder demonstrated his passing ability by dishing out two assists. Hoover also netted a goal for the 2020 Big Horns varsity soccer team and was chosen by Coppola and Harder to receive their “Coaches Award.”

“Miles Hoover is the workhorse. The guy just goes and goes and goes, and he just throws himself at the game,” Coppola said. “You know what I mean, he’s not afraid of anybody. [He] doesn’t step down from a challenge.”

Jackson Lang – All-Conference Honorable Mention

Senior Jackson Lang rounded out the post season honorees for the 2020 LPHS boys soccer team, receiving a nod of honorable mention honors for the All-Conference teams. The midfielder helped guide his team in attempting 99 shots over the course of their inaugural varsity season.

“Jackson definitely is one of those kids that … improved immensely and when he was out and not in the mix, you could tell there was a hole in the team and in his position,” Coppola said.

Lady Big Horn Soccer Honorees

Sara Wilson – All-State, 1st Team All-Conference

Senior captain Wilson at the senior day ceremony this season. PHOTO BY VANESSA WILSON

Senior Sara Wilson was chosen amongst both the All-State and 1st Team All-Conference honorees for the 2020 Lady Big Horns. Playing center midfield for the team, Wilson was LPHS varsity girls Head Coach Jaci Clack’s choice for the role of team captain and was one of two seniors on the team.

“She also, on the field as a player, gives 110 percent always and she never—regardless of the score or the challenge in front of her—that girl never quit,” Clack said.

Sophia Cone – 1st Team All-Conference

Junior Sophia Cone was not only her teammates’ selection for team captain this season, but she was also selected as a 1st Team All-Conference honoree. Clack described Cone as an athlete that leads by example and played midfield for the Lady Big Horns this season.

“She is my most skilled player—hands down most skilled player. She has very composed, refined movements. There’s no bind she cannot get out of,” Clack said.

Tristen Clack – 2nd Team All-Conference

Junior Tristen Clack was one of two Lady Big Horn athletes selected as a 2nd Team All-Conference honoree. Assuming the position of center back on the defensive line, Clack was typically tasked with guarding the opposition’s best athlete for LPHS this season by her coach and mom, Jaci. 

“She’s extremely skilled and she has a great understanding of her job back there. The girls always say they’re impressed by her composure, so she’s very productive with the ball under immense pressure,” Clack said.

Carly Wilson – 2nd Team All-Conference

Junior Carly Wilson joined her older sister, Sara, in receiving post season honors from the 2020 Lady Big Horns team. Wilson was chosen as a member of the 2nd Team All-Conference honorees and played striker for LPHS and Clack used terms such as “tenacious” to describe her play. 

“… She craves coaching and she wants to learn always how to be better and whatever you ask her to do, she tries to apply it,” Clack said.

Josie Wilcynski – All-Conference Honorable Mention

Sophomore Josie Wilcynski was the final honoree selected for post season honors from the 2020 LPHS varsity girls soccer team, receiving honorable mention for the All-Conference teams. Clack described how Wilcynski rose to the challenge of assuming the goalkeeper position for the Lady Big Horns and expended tremendous effort to improve.

“… She wanted to learn to be physical enough and the technical side of it and the rules and how to be the best she could be,” Clack said. “That is the scariest position back there and she was extremely brave.” 

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