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Making a California Roll

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By Amy Jones

Photos by Kene Sperry


Step 1:
Prepare wasabi, cut vegetables, mix crab with mayonnaise and scallion, and make
sushi-zu (a rice vinegar, sugar and salt mixture). Use a 7-5-2 ratio for rice vinegar,
sugar and sea salt.

Step 2:
Wash rice under tepid water. Use a gentle circular motion, without crushing the
rice. Pour off excess water. Repeat steps until water runs clear. This washes the
starches from the rice.

Step 3:
Dry the rice for a half hour.

Step 4:
Place in rice cooker. If you do not have a rice cooker, follow stovetop instructions
for cooking on package. One part rice, one part water. If your package of rice says
“new crop rice”, you will need to adjust the water. Add about 1/4 cup more per
1.5 cups of rice. Cook for 45 minutes.

Step 5:
Put steamed rice into a big enough bowl for mixing. About 1/2 c. sushi-zu, with
five cups steamed rice. Pour sushi-zu evenly over steamed rice. Mix well, making
sure every grain of rice is covered with sushi-zu. Once mixed, level out the rice
so it cools evenly. Let cool for five minutes, then flip over and let sit for another
ten minutes. Now your sushi rice is ready.

Step 6:
Place nori on cutting board. Spread evenly, leaving a 1/4 inch of nori at the top of
sheet uncovered. Reach for the top of nori, flip whole sheet over.

Step 7:
Place crab, cucumber and avocado at the bottom of sheet. Roll like a burrito, trying
to keep everything tucked tight. Cover the roll with a bamboo mat and gently
squeeze the roll into the shape of a circle or square. Tuck your ends.

Step 8:
Place roe over the top of this roll, then cover with a small piece of plastic wrap.
Form again with rolling mat.

Step 9:
Leave plastic on. Cut into 6-8 bite size pieces. Remove plastic. These steps prevent
the roe from spilling.

Serve with wasabi, tamari and pickled ginger.
Amy Jones attended the California Sushi Academy in 2002 and was trained by
Andy Matsuda. She has catered events for MGM and Warner Brothers and worked
in sushi bars across the West. In Big Sky, Jones serves sushi at Yellowstone Club
private parties and is a server at Bucks T-4. Contact Jones for sushi classes or other
catering needs.

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