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Making it in Big Sky: Lone Pine Builders

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When not running Lone Pine Builders, Brian Scott and his wife Kate enjoy golfing, skiing and playing on the Huskers Softball team. They are looking forward to adding baby number five to their family soon. PHOTO COURTESY OF BRIAN SCOTT.

By Mira Brody

BIG SKY – When Brian Scott started Lone Pine Builders, he was 25 years old, two years out of college and ready to make his mark in Big Sky. Now, 18 years later, the general contracting company with a strong team of 10 has grown to where Scott can use it to give back to the community who has supported him over the years. He says he’s learned to be picky about the projects Lone Pine Builders takes on, channeling his effort toward what he feels passionate about.

Learn more about Scott, his business and he and his wife’s longstanding participation on the Huskers Softball team in this issue’s Making it in Big Sky.

This series is part of a paid partnership with the Big Sky Chamber of Commerce. The following answers have been edited for brevity.

Explore Big Sky: I’d like to start with a little background information on you, when did you come to Big Sky?

Brian Scott: I’ve been coming here with my family since I was 10 years old and I moved here full time, after college, in the summer of 2002.

EBS: Tell me about the history of Lone Pine Builders, when did you open or acquire it?

B.S.: My aunt and uncle have lived here since the early ‘90s and my cousins grew up here. So thankfully, because of my family, I had some connections and I was able to start in the trades as soon as I moved here, whether it was drywall, snow removal or carpentry. My father is an architect back in Boston and I began working with him at his firm when I was 15. Through that experience, while architecture didn’t end up being my passion, I discovered that construction was.  I started Lone Pine Builders in September of 2004 and haven’t looked back.

EBS: Tell me about the different services offered at Lone Pine Builders?

B.S.: We are a general contracting company that specializes in custom residential homes and condominiums.

EBS: How has the business grown over the years?

B.S.: I would say my mindset has grown more than anything and the business has afforded me that luxury. When I started Lone Pine Builders, I was 25 years old. I was a bachelor and I was ready to work as much as I could, I wouldn’t say no. Over the years, I got married and started a family—number five is on the way! My priorities have shifted to where my business has become a vehicle to support and engage in our community and most importantly has given me the opportunity to raise my family here; I’ve learned how to say no and to choose the projects that I want to be a part of and have the most passion for.

EBS: What is your favorite memory and/or favorite part of running the business?

B.S.: The people. Like any small business, there are growing pains. We’ve certainly experienced those, however, the team we have in place at LPB are like family to me. So getting to a place where I have surrounded myself with people that I love and respect and getting to work with them every day, doing what I love the most, is something that I treasure.

EBS: What is your favorite activity to do around here when you’re not at work?

B.S.: My wife and I love to golf and have been on the Huckers Softball team since we moved here.  I LOVE to ski and that is why I initially started visiting here so young. Now that I have children of my own and they participate in the locals program, I’m ready to start making skiing a priority again.

EBS: What is the best business advice you have ever received?

B.S.: There are several pieces to the puzzle, they all need to fit in order to have a successful project.

EBS: Anything else you would like to let the Big Sky Community know?

B.S.: Giving back to and being a part of the Big Sky Community is of the utmost importance to us. We love living and working here and we’re grateful that Lone Pine Builders has given us the ability to give back.

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