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Mountain Outlaw Film: Eastern Rises

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This was originally published in the Summer 2012 edition of Mountain Outlaw magazine. Read that online here.

Just watch the trailer, and you’ll be
hooked. “I’m jealous of anyone who comes
here for the first time because that initial,
awestruck reaction is so special to witness
and experience for yourself,” said Ryan
Peterson, co-producer and fisherman in the
Peterson is talking about Kamchatka, a
wild place in Russia’s far east. The crew of
Felt Soul Media explores pristine rivers from decommissioned
Cold War helicopters, catching giant, mouse-eating trout in a
wilderness not unlike Alaska 100 years ago. The 38-minute film
celebrates the soul and craft of fly fishing while showing off the
filmmakers’ skilled cinematography and storytelling.
An adventure journal for all types, the film raked in
awards at festivals including the Mountain Sport Award
at Banff, and Best Action-Sport Film at Flagstaff Moun –
tain Festival. “They really, truly slay it,” says Outlaw
Partners web programmer and adventure film buff Sean
Weas, who wanted to recommend the film to Mountain
Outlaw readers.
Look for Felt Soul’s forthcoming film, “DamNation,”
which examines the history and controversy behind cur –
rent and proposed dam removal projects. Producer Ben
Knight describes it as “a collection of empassioned voices
and spirited stories from the people entrenched on both
sides of this divisive issue. A.D.

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