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MSU, City of Bozeman to host home energy savings series



By Staff Writer
BOZEMAN – The MSU Extension Weatherization Training Center is kicking off a free monthly learning series on home energy savings with a talk and open-house event at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 7.
Refreshments and tours of the state-of-the-art Montana Weatherization Training Center (705 Osterman Drive, Suite A) will be followed by guest speaker, Bozeman Mayor Sean Becker, who will talk about the city’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Weatherization experts and other Bozeman city officials will also present solutions for residents to participate in the initiative.
For the past six years, the City of Bozeman has been part of a nationwide effort to engage U.S. cities to decrease their output of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide. In 2009, the mayor’s office established a climate task force, which put forward a plan that includes a goal to help Bozeman households voluntarily reduce energy consumption by 10 percent.
The first learning session of the Montana Weatherization Training Center’s energy series, “Home Energy Solutions for All,” will be offered on Saturday, Sept. 8 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the center. Presenters will be home energy specialists and architects of the Montana Weatherization Training Center and the MSU Creative Research Lab.
The workshop will focus on basic principles and goals of home energy reduction, financial incentives and opportunities, and regulatory considerations. The session will be geared to existing homeowners, those anticipating designing and building a home, home construction professionals, those in the real estate industry, property managers, landlords and renters.
The workshop will include energy-saving advice ranging from low- and no-cost strategies to aggressive measures available to those undertaking major rehabilitation and remodeling projects.
Workshops in the monthly series will focus on achieving the 10 percent energy reduction envisioned in Bozeman’s climate plan, according to Mike Vogel, director of the Montana Weatherization Training Center. Participants will receive materials to compile customized home energy plans and solutions.
“Almost every household in Bozeman could easily save on their home energy bill,” said Natalie Meyer, climate protection coordinator for the City of Bozeman. “If everyone commits to cutting back 10 percent, we would reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by 18,000 tons a year. This is enough energy to power more than 1,400 homes and save over $2.2 million a year. This is real money that belongs right here in the Bozeman community.”
The workshop is free and open to the public. To register or get additional information on the series, call Lisa Daly at (406) 586-0070 or visit

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