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Outlaw News: Outlaw teams up with Construction Equipment Company



By Tyler Allen EBS Senior Editor

Tualatin, Ore.’s Construction Equipment Company was founded in 1981 and they’ve recently brought Outlaw Partners on board to give the rock crushing and screening equipment business a new sheen.

“We determined that CEC’s core focus needs to remain on re-educating and providing resources to their dealers, since [the dealers] are largely the key to sales,” said Outlaw Partners’ Director of Sales E.J. Daws. “We found that CEC is at a critical time to re-brand and re-launch its image promoting a new, renewed leadership and industry-leading, quality products.”

Outlaw identified and suggested six main components to help elevate the CEC brand and differentiate their products and services from the competition. A core focus of Outlaw’s marketing campaign will be to increase dealer trust and educate the client through a variety of multimedia channels so they have renewed confidence in selling the CEC brand.

“For a company with their history, it’s important not to wipe the slate clean, but to bring new light to the quality work that they’ve been doing since 1981,” Daws said.

The first step was to redesign the company’s brand.

“In redesigning CEC’s logo, Outlaw’s design team focused on modern simplicity and sophistication to showcase the company’s innovation but not abandon its history,” said Outlaw Partners’ Creative Director Kelsey Dzintars.

The new logo incorporates an orange stripe – a trademark element on all of CEC’s machines. The design department then used geometric, forward-slanting text in the CEC logotype as a reflection of the company’s commitment to “always moving forward,” according to the company’s website.

“And more literally, as a nod to the forward-moving conveyor belts in their Screen-It equipment,” Dzintars said.

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