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Outlaw news: Write about your heroes



In an effort to get the Big Sky community more involved, we’re opening up a section of Explore Big Sky to you, our readers: the Community Member Profile.

Do you know someone who is behind the scenes quietly doing good work? Maybe a quirky character who has been here for years, or perhaps someone who just arrived from another country? Someone who skis the same run every day, bell-to-bell, or someone who’s never skied a day in his or her life?

These people all make up the fabric of Big Sky, and we’re asking you to tell us about who they are, and how they make it a better place. The format will be a photo, plus a 500-word essay. This could be a short story that gives a glimpse into someone’s true nature, or perhaps a basic story telling the who, what, when, where, why and how.

Want to give a shout out to a friend or neighbor? Looking to get to know someone who’s doing good work? Send a three-sentence pitch letter to, telling us whom you want to write about, and why.

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