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Outlaw Partners Announce Allocation of Marketing Grants

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By Abbie Digel
On December 14th, Outlaw Partners
announced a plan to extend marketing
grants to Southwest Montana
businesses that have suffered during
the economic downturn.
“In the last three months we’ve
realized there is tremendous need
for great businesses that are hurting
and just hanging on,” says Eric Ladd,
CEO of Outlaw Partners. “They
would love to market but can’t afford
to do it. The community supports us
[Outlaw], so this is our way to give
back. It is going to be an active part of
our business.”
A business is eligible to apply for a
grant if they meet one or more of the
following criteria:
• Suffered from hardships and loss
• Start-up company that lacks
money for marketing
• Charitable organizations in need
of support
The grants will be issued monthly
based on need. There will be no cap
on how many grants Outlaw allows.
Once chosen, the business will sit
down with the Outlaw team, and
together they will decide a marketing
strategy that will best support them.
“There is no one size fits all for marketing,”
says Ladd. “Every business
depends on who your client is and
the best way to reach them. It could
be print, video, online, or editorial.
We do it all.”
The grants will allocate a marketing
budget toward each business’
marketing needs, and help them
create a platform from which they
can grow. Outlaw’s inspiration
grew from the idea of microfinancing,
where small loans are given to
poverty-stricken small businesses
in order to get them on their feet.
In Southwest Montana, there are
plenty of businesses that have potential
to grow, but need that extra push.
“The most important time to market
a business is during a recession.
It’s the hardest time to come up
with money, but this is the time
when businesses need to buckle
down and share the news about
what their cause is,” says Ladd.
Outlaw will develop the proper
solution to market the grant recipient’s
business, suggest ways the
grant will be best utilized, and
provide enough resources to ensure
they will have the tools to succeed.
“At the end of the day if businesses
are able to prosper, they’ll have
room to grow. If providing the
grants gives businesses a leg up and
a chance to succeed, it will pay off
for everyone.”
To apply, visit theoutlawpartners.
com and click on the ‘business
grants’ link – share business name,
contact information and insight
into eligibility for a grant. (406)

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