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Outlaw Partners’ staff Thanksgiving plans



Thanksgiving will look different this year for some families but there are plenty of creative ways to still enjoy the holiday. PHOTO BY S.J. ON UNSPLASH


Many families will have to get creative with their Thanksgiving celebrations this year. Traveling is risky due to the COVID-19 pandemic and family gatherings may involve at-risk family members. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released guidelines for celebrating Thanksgiving safely. Some of their suggestions include enjoying a virtual meal with family members located far away, having a celebration with those in your immediate household, or hosting a meal outdoors. 

We asked our Outlaw Partners team what they are doing to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, here are their plans:

Mira Brody, New Media Lead: “I am powder diving at the resort in the morning, then staying local and gathering with a few close friends and dogs for a Friendsgiving with lots of yummy homemade food.” 

Treston Wold, Controller: “Our extended family lives all over the U.S. and we won’t be traveling due to COVID. This year, we plan to spend Thanksgiving skiing as a family and meeting some friends outside on the ski slopes.”

Sam Brooks, Business Development Lead: “I am hosting my whole family at my place for the first time ever. This is very different, we always did it at my house my entire life and in the last two years I just skied and ate oven pizza but this year I get to be back with my family again.” 

Joe O’Connor, VP Media and Editor in Chief: “It’s a tough time with the pandemic. We wanted to see family back East but are doing the next best thing: driving to Lake Tahoe to see our old crew for a good old-fashioned Friendsgiving. Some of our best friends in the world live there.”

EJ Daws, VP Sales & Marketing: “Our celebration will be a bit smaller this year, with just my core family.  In the past we have played a neighborhood flag football game, ‘The Turkey Bowl’, but this year it will just [be] my immediate family at dinner.  Also, my 96-year-old grandmother won’t be able to celebrate with us due to restrictions.”

Ersin Ozer, Media and Events Director: “Thanksgiving will feel the same, with a smaller group. We made the hard decision that this year wasn’t the best year for grandma to come visit from Texas. We will be celebrating with gratefulness, family and food.”

Marisa Opheim, Lead Designer: “I will be spending Thanksgiving skiing on opening day and then dinner with my boyfriend’s family!”

ME Brown, Graphic Designer: “It’s usually just my parents and I in Florida for Thanksgiving since our extended family is all over the country. We usually go out to brunch/linner [lunch/dinner], but this year we’re staying home and cooking and having a small linner with our neighbors.” 

Megan Paulson, Co-Founder and COO: “We are having a family dinner and we also plan to go skiing at Big Sky Resort. We’re celebrating like usual as my family lives here and we always spend it together, and we like to ski on opening weekend.”

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