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Big Sky Resort’s Mountain Mall hosted an oxygen bar in the old C&P Grocery store until C&P moved after the 2012-2013 ski season. Visitors hoping to combat the effects of altitude or exertion could hook a tube in their nose and enjoy the benefits of concentrated oxygen.

While the oxygen bar is a thing of the past, a company called Oxygen Plus offers portable supplemental oxygen in two sizes: the O+ Skinni and O+ Mini. Containing 95 percent oxygen-enriched air, the Skinni holds more than 50 breaths and the Mini will give you at least 20.

Whether you’re flying to Montana from sea level to enjoy Big Sky Resort’s plethora of new mountain biking trails, or logging tram laps during the winter; looking for an extra boost at the office after your morning coffee wears off; or recovering from a night of Johnny Manziel-type partying, three to five inhalations of the aerosol-like canister will turn your day around.

If you do live in the mountains full time, consider throwing an O+ Mini can in your pack for the next monster bike ride. While your buddies are heaving after 2,000 feet of vertical, a few blasts of oxygen will give them the impression you spent all offseason in training. – Tyler Allen

O+ Mini: $24; O+ Skinni: $36

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