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Product review: Dakine Reload 26L camera pack

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By Chris Davis Staff Writer

In a world where outdoorsmen are feverishly cutting ounces in their pack, I’m the guy trying to find a way to strap my tripod and dolly to the outside of my Dakine Reload ($250) camera bag. If I have to decide between a light pack (read: missing the shot) or a little extra training weight (getting the shot), I’ll choose the latter every time.

Since I started using the Reload last winter, it’s exceeded my expectations. At 26 liters, it has ample carrying space and plenty of protection for a DSLR with extra lenses and a myriad of accessories, or for larger cameras like our Sony F3.

This bag has treated me well in every situation—from hustling through the streets of Nairobi, to straight lining groomers in a futile attempt of catching up to Olympic skier Heather McPhie. I can’t wait to see where the bag and I end up next, and what sort of footage it allows me.

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