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Product Review: Phood Shake

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By Jessie Wiese Explore Big Sky Contributor

A few months after realizing my existing protein supplement contained more artificial ingredients than most candy bars, I set out to find a protein shake without Genetically Modified Organisms, animal products, soy, dairy, gluten or preservatives.

I visited the Bozeman Downtown Co-op and tried nearly every protein shake they sold, looking for a supplement that had a nice flavor and didn’t include additives. The tasting results varied from chalky to bland, with not much in between. One of the last supplements I tried was Phood Shake, and it had a different quality altogether.

Phood Shake has revolutionized the supplement industry, boasting natural sweetness, a smooth and creamy texture, and 100 percent plant-based ingredients. Super fruits, quinoa, omega 3 fatty acids, sprouted cruciferous greens, and raw plant proteins – a blend comparable to whey in essential amino acid balance – are just a few of the notable ingredients.

The tagline on the website asks, “If you could only take one supplement, what would it contain?” Phood Shake has answered that question for me.

Phood Shake is available at and by trial size only at the Bozeman Downtown Co-op. Try it blended with banana, almond milk and ice for a delicious anytime treat. $40 for 1 pound

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