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Recount confirms tax board tie

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Board will consider options for breaking tie

By Taylor Anderson
Big Sky Weekly Assistant Editor

A canvass and recount in the days after the tax board elections has confirmed a tie for the final spot between incumbent Loren Bough and challenger Jeff Strickler.

Both candidates received 247 votes in the Nov. 8 election to tie for the third spot.

Mike Scholz and James Kabisch Jr. received 389 and 282 votes respectively, and were appointed to the board. Ginna Hermann, who ran unopposed to confirm the spot she was appointed after the 2009 election, was confirmed after receiving 345 votes.

The tie was the second consecutive election in which candidates tied, and the elected tax board had to break the tie, according to Gallatin County clerk and recorder Charlotte Mills.

The board reportedly flipped a coin to appoint Hermann in 2009, and may consider another toss to decide between Bough and Strickler.

But Amy Smit, the tax board’s administrative officer, said regardless of the result of the toss the board would still discuss which candidate to choose, effectively nullifying the result of the toss.

**Updated Nov. 17 at 9:19 a.m.

During last night’s tax board meeting, the newly elected board decided the best way to break the tie between incumbent Loren Bough and challenger Jeff Strickler was a coin toss.

Strickler won the coin toss and was appointed to the board.

Also yesterday, the only paid staff member of the Big Sky Resort Area District, Amy Smit, decided to leave her position.

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