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REVIEW: Gibbon SlackRack

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By Tyler Allen Staff Writer

The winters in southwest Montana can be long, especially if you’re a climber dreaming about dry rocks and temperatures warm enough to enjoy them. As the snow piles up and the days get shorter, one’s balance and fitness can fade with the summer sun.

Work consumes the daylight hours of the Outlaw winter, and weekends spent skiing or ice climbing are but a fleeting fix. The Gibbon SlackRack is our remedy. Its two-inch wide webbing stretches 12 feet long, just enough to wake up the core muscles on our way from our desks to the coffee maker or morning meeting. And the challenges endless in the office setting: walking it with a full cup of coffee, while talking on the phone for a story, or while eating a monster burrito from the Wrap Shack.

The concentration required to walk the SlackRack – or challenge ourselves with new tricks – wipes the mind clear for a few minutes, and we return to our desks restored from the compulsory meditation. There are some tricks you can’t do on the SlackRack, since it stretches just a foot off the ground. If you’re a sponsored Gibbon slackliner used to busting chest bounces and other aerials, well, you probably go to a gym to slack off anyway. However, it’s perfect for the casual slackliner looking to improve skills and general balance. Nearly every Outlaw client that’s walked into the office has been compelled to give it a go.


The Outlaw Partners is a creative marketing, media and events company based in Big Sky, Montana.

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