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Roof fire above Persnickety Cleaners deemed accidental



Brewery employee saves dog trapped in apartment


At approximately 3:20 p.m. on Sept. 4, the Big Sky Fire Department responded to a structure fire on the roof of Persnickety Cleaners, in the same building that houses Beehive Basin Brewery, The Cauldron and Headwaters Fitness in Town Center.

Firefighters ascended a ladder to access the rooftop deck of the upstairs apartment above the dry cleaners and extinguished the flames within 15 minutes. On Sept. 5 Fire Chief William Farhat told EBS they are classifying the blaze as an accidental fire because there is no provable cause.

No injuries were reported but Farhat estimated $10,000 in property damage. He said the blaze was so intense, it shattered the apartment windows but did not make it inside the building.

A hole was cut into the wall separating the deck from the interior of Headwaters Fitness to ensure all burning was extinguished. At approximately 4:30 p.m. Farhat told EBS he had cleared the building for businesses to reopen and to be occupied per usual.

None of the four residents of the apartment were home when the incident occurred. Lindsay Colbert, one of the residents, said that Shane Hammitt, an employee of Beehive Basin Brewery, saved her dog Marley, who had been in the apartment when the flames erupted.

Farhat advised individuals be careful with grilling or anything that generates heat and can ignite a fire.

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