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Skratch Labs hydration mix – lemons and limes

Urban legend has it that top endurance athletes were replacing their sponsor’s hydration mix with Skratch Labs. I can believe it. As a runner, keeping myself hydrated and having enough electrolytes has always been a challenge. I’ve tried everything from Gatorade to honey water in search of hydration that’s in line with my healthy eating habits.

Skratch Labs has a short list of ingredients including real fruit, and this electrolyte replacement mix not only works, it makes me feel good about putting it in my body.

Added benefit- it tastes good! – K.M.

Smartwool Women’s PHD Run Light Micro

Having the right socks for running is a necessity. Socks that don’t breathe or have enough cushion, or that hold moisture, can lead to blisters, hot spots, or soggy feet.

The Smartwool PHD Run Light Micro socks find the sweet spot. The super-soft merino wool is a natural fiber that breathes and wicks; it’s comfortable like cotton, but performs like synthetics. Cushion just where you need it, and shaped, seamless contours mean your feet can go the extra mile. Or two.
– K.M.

Dynafit WS Feline Ghost trail runners

My 5-year-old niece was with me when I slipped on the Ghosts for the first time and she stated, matter-of-factly, “Those new shoes make you run really fast.”

Of course, every child knows that shoes with neon yellow, reflective patches, and a lion on the insole will make you faster, but after running in them, I discovered a few other secrets to their performance.

They’re light and stable – a rare combination in a trail shoe that’s achieved by a light upper and a solid Vibram sole. The fit is easy to dial in, from the extra shoelace eyeholes to the heel cup that locks my foot in place. They grip well on uphills and feel secure running down technical descents – perfect for my Big Sky training ground. –K.M.

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