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Gear Review: Sanuk Fault Line sandals



By Brian Niles Staff Writer

There’s nothing like finishing a
great hike or bike ride and slapping
on your old smelly, worn in pair
of flip flops that you’ve grown to
know and love. For me, that experience
is almost as euphoric as the
hike or bike ride itself.

I actually wear sandals so often I
wear them down to the point where
my heels drag on the pavement
and my toes catch every pebble in
my way. I have a hard time letting
go. When I finally do get new flip
flops, it’s a big deal.

I recently put my feet into a brand
new pair of Men’s Sanuk Fault Line
sandals and immediately experienced
that same refreshing feeling
of a perfectly used and abused set,
but without the smell.

The Fault Lines have a soft, comfortable
cushion and a forgiving
leather strap that’s extremely
delightful right out of the gate.
Their sleek dark leather look will
not hinder your mojo when you’re
walking the strip, putting out the
vibe. However, I don’t recommend
puddle jumping in them, because
the leather soaks up the water.

So, if you’re looking for a durable,
stylish, and most importantly, comfortable
sandal that carries a great
name and reputation like Sanuk, the
Fault Line is a perfect choice.

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