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State flooding mobilizes charity groups



Across Montana, flooding has forced residents from their homes and roads to close. The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) is providing information to people who are asking about how to donate help to flood victims in the state.

Several charitable organizations have responded to the call for assistance from Montana communities impacted by the flood. Because DPHHS is responsible for mass care and health support during disasters, the department assists coordinating these groups that provide needed emergency help.

DPHHS has set up a website containing links to some of these charitable organizations to provide information for giving and volunteering.

“Most of the organizations, including the American Red Cross, are asking that people donate cash,” said DPHHS Director Anna Whiting Sorrell. “People can donate goods or services, but in any disaster the most effective and efficient donation is cash. Donated funds allow organizations to purchase exactly what they need in an emergency. People are also encouraged to donate to their local food bank.”

Several organizations listed on the website will honor requests that donations remain in the state for current disasters. The website features numerous health and donation-related information related to the flooding.

The web page also includes information such as general guidance for homeowners, well owners and other environmental health concerns. Included links cover guidance for preparing for floods, cleanup concerns, mold issues, food safety, communicable disease and immunization guidance, as well as several state and federal related sites for flood information.

To access the website go to From there you can click the Flood Cleanup, Health and Safety link.

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