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Tales from the Visitor Center

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As the summer winds down, the Big Sky and Greater Yellowstone Welcome Center is celebrating having served over 5,000 visitors in just three short months, and all of the wonderful and unique stories they brought with them.

There have been endearing moments at the visitors center this season. An unimposing couple came in and asked to use the restroom. When they returned to the lobby, she came out in a beautiful wedding gown and he in a tuxedo! A surprise for the visitor center staff indeed. They took their wedding photos and had small ceremony down by the river.

Plenty of people traveled to Big Sky to retrace the steps of history. A family from California visited Soldier’s Chapel to see where their parents had been married in 1956. A couple stopped in for guidance as they traced their grandparents cross-country honeymoon trip through the Gallatin Canyon. Several of the historic locations had changed, but with our help, they were able to track them down.

There were many inspiring visitors as well. We saw a road bike tour group of seniors over 70; we had a spine-injured athlete on his way to the Hight Fives Foundation; a blind distance runner looking for the best place to train on a rainy June afternoon; and a mother-daughter team who both lost over 100 pounds so that they could come to Big Sky to compete in The Rut Mountain Runs 28K race.

While the Visitor Center is open during normal business hours over the winter, it is really the summer that we see our largest number of visitors. It’s been another wonderful summer of servicing the guests that come from near and far to visit Big Sky and we look forward to all the stories and experiences that will come our way in the seasons ahead.

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Joseph T. O'Connor is the previous Editor-in-Chief for EBS newspaper and Mountain Outlaw magazine.

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